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Shelly [userpic]
by Shelly (colibrigurl)
at February 14th, 2010 (10:35 am)

current mood: exhausted

I do this everytime. When my team wins the championship, I go crazy and create icons in celebration...my boys, the Saints, won their first Super Bowl in their 43 year history (on the first time the went to it too, booyah!). Sos I gots them made. Four of them are old, I just never posted them. And I do have one non-saints icon, and that is Peyton Manning...don't particularly like him, especially after the poor sportsmanship he showed at the Super Bowl, but I love this face, he looks worried...he should have been...Source is various sport sites off the web. I also have a texture for you all...enjoy!

[01-03] Fleur de lis
[04-06] Saints Coach - Sean Payton *aka genius!*
[07-10] Jeremy Shockey (I LOVE HIM!!!)
[11-15] Drew Brees & Son
[16-21] Drew Brees
[22-23] Drew Brees and Mickey Mouse
[24-27] Saints
[28-29] Lombardi trophey
[30] Who Dat Undies!
[31] Peyton Manning
[Texture] 10 Wonderwall Lyric Icon Textures


Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO!!Collapse )

Shelly [userpic]
episodic100 Challenge: 50/50 CSI: 7x18 - Empty Eyes
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

First half of my challenge for episodic100 . I decided to do episode 18 of the seventh season of CSI - Empty Eyes...It wasn't until I watched it again did I realize how gory that episode was, so I'm putting adult content warning for the bloody stuff I will eventually load up in here...Yeah, it's Sara heavy, because the only good caps I can really find are from jorjaallaround's gallery

[Edit] COMPLETED!!!!




Shelly [userpic]
91 icons, plus 2 texture sets
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

Okay, it's been a while between post, so I appologize. I am having some health issues but it's perking up. Okay here's the deal, since I didn't have a lot of new icons made, I'm posting some of my favorite icons that I haven't posted here yet (only on my personal journal) that I have made over the years. If it has a date next to it or a ??, it's older, if not, then they are the new icons...basicly all the CSI and stock icons are new. No awards posted this post due to the fact that they are all saved on my external harddrive at home, :P .

[01-05] Sara Sidle (CSI)
[06-07] Gil Grissom (CSI)
[08] Jorja Fox
[09-40] Labyrinth (made in 2006)
[41-44] Harry Potter (w/ Hermione Granger) (made in '05/06)
[45-49] The Little Mermaid (made in 2007)
[50-52] TMNT (Raphael and Donatello) (made in 2007)
[53-54] Beast Wars/Beast Machines (made in '03/04)
[55-58] Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (made in '04/05)
[59- 60]The Killers - Mr. Brightside (made in '04/05)
[61-66] Bacstreet Boys/Howie Dorough (made in ??)
[67-72] Christina Aguliera (made in ??)
[73] Kate Bosworth (made in 2006)
[74-89] Daisy stock
[90-91] Christmas stock
+ 2 Texture sets



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Shelly [userpic]
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

[01-05] CSI Cast
[06-26] Jorja Fox
[27] Jorja Fox & George Eads
[28-44] Sara Sidle
[45-50] Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom (GSR)
[51] Sara Sidle & Warrick Brown
+ Texture set
+ Awards


beautyandthedork.jpg image by shellsandcheese   

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Shelly [userpic]
Icons, FO Banners, and Textures, Oh My!
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

[01-20] Sara Sidle
[21-24] GSR
[25] Marg Helgenberger
[26-38] Rose McGowen
[39-45] Anne Hathaway
[46-49] Orlando Bloom
[50-53] Jeff Dunham
[54-55] LSU Football
[56-57] CSI FO Banners
+ Texture set
+ Awards


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Shelly [userpic]
Icons: CSI 3
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

Another massive icon update...I mean, huge...124....no lie...

[1-3] CSI Cast
[4-10] George Eads
[11-28] Jorja Fox
[29-30] Jorja Fox & George Eads
[31-34] Gil Grissom
[35-37] Nick Stokes
[38] Warrick Brown
[39-98] Sara Sidle
[99-116] GSR (Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom)
[117-122] Snickers (Nick Stokes & Sara Sidle)
[123-124] Swarrick (Sara Sidle & Warrick Brown)

w/ Awards



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Shelly [userpic]
Jorja All Around Stillness Super Challenge
by Shelly (colibrigurl)
at November 2nd, 2008 (03:39 pm)

current mood: content

Did this for a challenge at jorjaallaround

Artist: colibrigurl
Claim: Sara Sidle, Season 5 (25themed/25artist choices)

Sweet <strike>Jane</strike> JorjaCollapse )

Shelly [userpic]
Icons: CSI 2
by Shelly (colibrigurl)

[01-28] Jorja Fox
[29] Jorja Fox & Eric Szmanda
[30-32] Jorja Fox & George Eads
[33] Jorja Fox, George Eads, & Eric Szmanda
[34-72] Sara Sidle
[73] Sandle (Sara Sidle & Greg Sanders)
[74] Snickers (Sara Sidle & Nick Stokes)
[75-89] GSR (Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom)
[90-92] Gil Grissom

[01] Sara Sidle
[02-05] GSR

Oh, God...I don't know if I'll wait this long ever again to post my graphics, lol.

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Shelly [userpic]
Icons: CSI
by Shelly (colibrigurl)
at November 2nd, 2008 (03:09 pm)

current mood: creative

01-03- Jorja Fox & George Eads
04 - Jorja Fox & Eric Szmanda
05-08 - Jorja Fox
09 - Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom
10-32 - Sara Sidle
(coming soon) - resources


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Free for your use, just credit me, please.

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